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We've been buying and selling quality truck trailers for over a decade. 

We buy and sell Australian truck trailers across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Australia-wide.

AA Semi Trailers is your go-to company for the very best used truck and semi trailers.

Our wealth of experience as an industry leader enables us to not only stock and provide a range of impressive trailer brands at competitive prices, but also deliver high quality service from the get-go, making us Australia’s largest and most respected used truck trailer business in the industry.


As a family-owned and operated business we are passionate about quality and care.

AA Semi Trailers prides itself on buying and selling a variety of impressive truck trailer makes and models.

We Sell Quality Used Semi Trailers

Looking for Quality Used Semi Trailers? Look no further than AA Semi Trailers for a huge range of quality used semi trailers. We predominantly sell semi trailers in NSW, truck trailers in Victoria and semi trailers in Queensland, but can help you find the perfect semi and semi trailer, no matter where you are across the country.

We Buy Used Semi Trailers

Looking to trade up and need to sell your semi trailer? We don’t only sell semi trailers, in fact, we are always looking to expand our range and provide you with multiple great semi trailer options to meet your needs.

If you are looking to sell your used semi trailer, contact us today.

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